One-stop Portal for Professional Development


One-stop Portal for Professional Development

T-surf provided six features, including search couress, training needs, e-Learning courses, documents, COTAP YouTube and COTAP Facebook.

Welcome to T-surf24/7!

A one-stop portal developed by the Committee on Professional Development of Teachers and Principals (COTAP) for sharing of information and resources and for self-paced professional development anytime, anywhere.

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Search courses

Want to Search Courses on professional development of teachers/principals?

Click to access various professional development programmes offered by the Education Bureau, tertiary institutions and other educational bodies.

Training Needs

Want to apply your self-defined Training Needs to search courses in T-surf24/7?

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e-Learning Courses

Want to learn anytime and anywhere?

Click to explore e-Learning Courses for teaching professions.


Want to get important Documents related to Continuing Professional Development (CPD) and COTAP?

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Want to stay connected with the up-to-date teacher training information?

Click to discover the COTAP YouTube channel.

COTAP Facebook

Want to grasp the knowledge and latest information of teacher training and share?

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