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The children entering education in 2018 will be young adults in 2030. Schools can prepare them for jobs that have not yet been created, for technologies that have not yet been invented, to solve problems that have not yet been anticipated. It will be a shared responsibility to seize opportunities and find solutions.

This course is designed for educators working in secondary school settings.

This course aims to introduce you to the concept and value of Service-Learning, and to equip you with the basic knowledge, attitudes and skills required for planning and implementing a Service-Learning project effectively. It consists of an Introduction, 6 instructional units, and End-of-Unit Tests. You will be awarded a Certificate of Completion upon successfully completing all the requirements of the course.

This Artificial Intelligence tool may shift the paradigm of existing education practices.

In the past few years, the job market has undergone important changes, such as adapting to home office, a hybrid work model and, most recently, some companies going back to the office. To ensure the alignment of your development plans with these new demands, you can check out the top training and development trends for 2023 here in this article.

The last few years have witnessed a dramatic change in the learning model. The way students are being taught today is very different from the teaching methods that were adopted a few decades back. Technology has brought about various changes in the way education is delivered and received.

EDB Latest News

The Education Bureau (EDB) announced the completion of the selection process of the third cohort of the School Nominations Direct Admission Scheme (SNDAS).

The video explains methods to help the body and mind become healthy. Family members can maintain physical and mental health in their daily lives and cope with different events.


Last year, the number of suspected student suicide cases reported to the Education Bureau (EDB) by primary and secondary schools in Hong Kong remained high and even hit a record high in the past five years. A question by Dr the Hon Tik Chi-yuen and a reply by the Secretary for Education, Dr Choi Yuk-lin, in the Legislative Council on June 5.

The 'i-Journey' Paid Non-local Study Leave Scheme for Teachers aims to create a unique learning experience for participants, where they will start with an inquiry, get inspired in the process, and most importantly, bring an impact on their teaching/ student learning/ school development.

The scholarship aims to recognise achievements of high-performing teachers and to encourage teachers’ pursuit of higher qualifications as well as to enhance their professionalism. It is open for application from 16 May to 13 June 2023.

The Education Bureau (EDB) announced the launch of the second round of the Pilot Project on the Development of Applied Degree Programmes (Pilot Project) to nurture more high-quality talent with applied skills.

Subsidy amount and eligibility for Non-means-tested Subsidy Scheme for Self-financing Undergraduate Studies in Hong Kong in 2023/24 academic year announced.